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ONECORE in partnership with our broader team of experts can offer Engineering and Design services as outlined in the following sections.

Concept Design

ONECORE offers Concept Design services, which develops the initial big picture or macro design. It shows us what problems the project will solve, how it will solve them, and what it will feel like as it is solving them.

Civil & Structural Engineering

ONECORE offers Civil and Structural Engineering services, which involves the analysis and design of structures that reinforce or counteract loads. Our engineering services include foundations, pavements, drainage, structures including low-rise and high-rise buildings, bridges and warehouses. 

Cost Estimation

ONECORE has extensive experience in providing Cost Estimation services.


Our Estimation service includes:

  • Budget estimation including project feasibility study

  • Detailed tender estimation

  • Quantity take-off

  • Subcontractor and supplier pricing

  • Preparation of management plans

  • Management of tender submission process

Value Engineering

ONECORE offers Value Engineering services which focus on solving problems and identifying opportunities to reduce costs, while improving function and quality. The aim is to increase the value of the project, satisfying the project’s performance requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Building Inspections

ONECORE offers Building Inspection services which are performed by our certified inspectors in one or more disciplines such as structural engineering, electrical, plumbing, fire safety and finishing works as well as construction quality inspections and supervision.


ONECORE's building inspectors can provide professional advice about whether a building meets the Building Code requirements and can highlight any additional items that may be required to achieve compliance. We can also offer a Project Manager to inspect your building during the construction period to undertake progress inspections and identify defects prior to approving progress claims from builders and subcontractors.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

ONECORE offers Pre-Purchase Building Inspection services. Most buildings have some defects and the vast majority are repairable, however identifying defects prior to purchase enables more informed decisions, better price negotiation and preparation for any additional maintenance or rectification costs down the track.

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