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Project Management

ONECORE provides the complete Project Management process of planning, organising, coordinating, and controlling projects effectively and efficiently throughout its phases. From planning through to execution, completion and review, ONECORE achieves pre-defined objectives and satisfies the project stakeholder by producing the right deliverable at the right time, cost and quality.

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Individual Project Management Services 

ONECORE also offers individual services within Project Management as outlined in the following sections.

Integrated Project Controls

ONECORE is focused on providing our clients with robust project controls services to help complete all projects on time and within budget. Integrated Project Controls is a vital part of project management which links Planning, Cost Control and Administration together to help to complete projects more efficiently i.e. on time and within budget.

ONECORE’s Integrated Project Controls services include: 

  • Planning – Time management and control 

  • Cost Cost management and control 

  • Administration (DDM) – Daily Data management and control

  • Integration of Time, Cost and Administration (DDM) to get real Earned Value and project status using available project controls software

  • Risk, Opportunity (R&O) and Contingency management and controls 

  • Progress dashboard reporting – Both Enterprise and Project level

Planning & Scheduling

With ONECORE's high class experience in Planning & Scheduling, we offer our clients a quality service to help manage the complex logic and relationships between different project activities to understand the real critical path, multiple and near critical paths, schedule risks, opportunities and contingencies.

Our planning services include:

  • An enterprise project structure (EPS), which enables project managers to manage multiple projects, from the highest levels of the organisation to the individuals that perform specific project tasks.

  • Tender programme development including Basis of Schedule and other supporting documents.   

  • Baseline Programme development including Basis of Schedule and other supporting documents.   

  • Establish overall scope Programme/Schedule indicating future progress required in each area to complete the project within the contract constrains with assignment of budgeted unit quantities, manning hours, cost and responsibility of each work package.

  • Prepare and manage performance baselines, determine progress reporting periods and determine weighting structure for each planned activity in order to measure actual progress.

  • Measure and analyse physical accomplishment (progress), note significant deviations, capitalise on opportunities and initiate corrective action when appropriate.

  • Establish and manage the management of change system to control changes to the scope of work and integrate agreed changes into the programme and progress measurement.

  • Establish and manage document management system for project documents.  

  • Project resource identification, assignment, levelling and analysis.  

  • Preparation of Extension of time and other claims.

Cost Management

ONECORE offers Cost Control and Management services to help manage the overall project cost to understand real earned value with integration to planning software, realistic forecast (cost to complete), risks, opportunities and contingencies.

Our cost management services include:

  • Establish project baseline budget with estimation, planning and DDM software integration.

  • Set-up cost monitoring tools – daily, weekly and monthly.

  • Earned value management and Cost to Complete forecasting.

  • Measure and analyse actual cost compared to physical progress accomplishment, note significant deviations, capitalise on opportunities and initiate corrective action when appropriate.

  • Preparation of monthly progress claims and cash flows.

  • Risk, Opportunity and Contingency analysis.

  • Project close out and final account settlement.

Construction Supervision and Daily Data Management (DDM)

ONECORE has extensive experience in supervision of diversified construction projects and is focused on providing our clients with a complete suite of supervision services to help complete all projects on time and within budget.

Daily Data Management (DDM) is a new area Probulit is currently focusing on to help our clients to manage day to day field operations more efficiently using the latest technology solutions. This also helps to integrate all project information to one source database to use for different reporting purposes.

Moreover, ONECORE is focusing on providing simple yet smart and reliable solutions across different project reporting requirements such as daily, weekly and monthly reporting to the internal project team as well as other key external project stakeholders.

Quality Management

ONECORE provides clients with robust project Quality Management services including Document Control Systems, RFI / TQ Management, Inspection Checklist and Test Plans (ITP), NCR, Handover Document (MDR, As-Built and Test Reports) and overall management to help complete all projects in compliance to the required quality standards.

Quality management and compliance is crucial for achieving project handover and completion without delays or costly rework.

Health Safety & Environment

Safety is our primary focus and we are happy to offer our unique HSE Management Services to our clients. We have in-house expertise in implementing and utilising the latest HSE tools and initiatives to deliver projects safely. 

Project Administration

Project Administration is an essential part of successfully project delivery.  ONECORE has extensive in-house experience managing the Project Administration function on construction projects and utilising the latest tools and systems. We are happy to discuss potential Project Administration solutions with our client’s for their construction projects.  


Our key experience in Project Administration services includes:

  • Responsibility for overseeing the Project Administration function for projects.

  • Implementation, management and ongoing maintenance of the Project Administration Systems on projects including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sub-contract Management, Actual Manning & Plant Hours Allocation, Procurement, Fuel & Inventory, Plant & Equipment and Employee Management.

  • Management of project resources including mobilisation / demobilisation, flights, accommodation and rosters etc.

  • Provision of training and support to project team members in the areas of Project Administration including the use of Project Administration tools and systems.

  • Liaise with the client team in reviewing the effectiveness of Project Administration on the project.

  • Assist the project management team to establish, implement, maintain and close out project administration systems in accordance with the relevant company procedures.

Human Resources

At ONECORE we understand that the success of any project largely depends on the people within the project team. With an experienced in-house Human Resources team specialising in the construction industry, we offer our client's a complete Human Resources service from sourcing talent to recruitment or labour hire, and managing the entire Human Resource function for our client's construction projects.

Training Services – Project Management

ONECORE offers comprehensive Training Services in the following areas:

  • Overall Project Management Processes and Procedures

  • Integrated Project Controls Processes and Procedures

  • Project Planning and Scheduling Processes and Procedures

  • Project Administration Processes and Procedures

  • Software Systems including:

    • Different Planning Software such as Primavera P6, MS Project, 4D Planning and LOB etc.

    • Latest Cost Control Software

    • Daily Data Management Software

    • Document Control Software

    • Estimating Tools such as Expert, Prism etc.

Project Performance Checks

Our in-house team has extensive multinational experience in providing Performance Check services for construction projects. ONECORE's Project Performance Checks cover all key project areas including commercial, operations, project controls, HSE and quality.


Below is an indicative list of our Performance Check services:

  • Project HSE Review and provide suggestions

  • Project Contract Review and provide suggestions

  • Project Revenue Review and provide suggestions

  • Project Variations and Claims Review and provide suggestions

  • Project Subcontractors and Suppliers Review and provide suggestions

  • Project Program Review and provide suggestions

  • Project Cost Budget Review and provide suggestions

  • Project Records and Reporting Review and provide suggestions

  • Project Pre-shift and Daily Process Review and provide suggestions

  • Project HSE Review and provide suggestions

  • Project QA/QC Review and provide suggestions

  • Continuous Improvements suggestions

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